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In a long association with companies like Graupner, JetCat, BVM, and Wren, Dave and his team have gained respect from fellow modellers for their insistence on quality.
The company Motors & Rotors have long been associated with only the best products and Dave's personally built fleet of jet models are renowned for reliability and consistent performance.

UK Model Shop The signature series products including JetCat, Graupner G-Booster and Wren turbines, with kits from BVM, Graupnerand Airworld will all feature a small note saying that the product has been checked by Dave himself, ensuring the already high quality of all these items is guaranteed before dispatch.

Motors & Rotors has long been the UK's largest seller of JetCat, Graupner and BVM products, stocking a huge range of model aircraft, spares and accessories, from Jet to helicopter.

UK Model Shop Motors & Rotors prices are realistic and allow us to offer a back up service that frankly all our competitors only dream of. We keep good stocks of Jet turbines and parts, won’t charge for things that are not in stock, offer a full receipt and know what we are doing!

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the team at any time.

UK Model Shop M&R WarBird Guru "Beardy" with his EVO 80 Powered Flying Legends P-51. -->
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