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Jodel Robin DR 400/180 2500 Special

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Product Description:

Total surface area [dm2] :108
Weight: 11kg
Tailplane area [dm2]:10
Overall length [mm]:1910
Scale: 1 : 3,5
Material: Wood, GRP
Wingspan [mm]: 2500 8' 98"
Wing area [dm2]: 98
Version: ARTF

In the course of product updating, the model has been revised so that the rudder, elevators and ailerons now have a locking design and are already in place. All rudders are controlled by servos installed just upstream of them via short rods and GRP control horns, without any play. Both internal combustion and electric motors can be installed for drive purposes. The fuselage cover and the cockpit canopy can be removed up to the bulkhead, providing good access to the RC components and drive battery in the electric version. The two wing halves are inserted into the side of the fuselage with an aluminium connector tube and secured by plastic screws. The Jodel is the ideal towing aircraft for glider models with wingspans up to about 6 meters. Of course, it is also possible to tow banners. For this purpose, the package contains an aero-tow coupling.

One only special offer.
Model: 9370

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