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PowerBox Sensor Switch With MPX Battery Connection

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Product Description:

Powerbox sensor switch with MPX battery connectors and JR Universal Rx connectors.

This version of the Sensor switch has MPX battery connectors for people with 2s li-po already fitted with MPX connectors, and standard JR connections for the RX.

The combined electronic switch / linear regulator system where redundancy is required.


* Power handling up to 5.0 Amps (according to heatsink)
* For 7.4 Volt LiPo batteries (PowerBox Battery) or 5 NC or NiMH cells
* Two independent linear voltage regulators, supplying 5.90 Volts
* Two independent electronic switches
* Two volt controller ( in 4 steps ) for each battery NEW
* Two Low voltage memory for both batteries NEW
* SET button for On / Off switching protection
* LED indicators for both power circuits
* Operating voltage range 4.0 to 9.0 Volts
* Temperature range -10° to +75° C
* Voltage loss approx. 0.35 Volts
* Weight only 35 grammes incl. all cables
* 5.9v or 7.4v output voltage.

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