PowerBox Mercury inc screen and switch

  • Model: Powerbox 4120


PB Mercury- no GPS unit

*Our stock has latest Aluminium Switch unit*

Features 15 Freely assignable outputs.

Integral iGyro: Triple-axis gyro system with attitude assist function
Expanded setup assistant for ultra-simple operation
Special regulatory algorithm for fixed-wing model aircraft

Six independent gyro outputs for: 2x ailerons, 2x elevators, 2x rudders
Special thrust vector support

GPS-regulated gyro gain (option)
Extremely accurate six-axis MEMS sensor
Integral Delta and V-tail mixer
Door sequencer: freely programmable outputs with set-up assistant

Servo-Match function: servo centre, end-points and reverse for all 15 servo outputs

The unit can be used without the gyro activated, future proof!
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