Powerbox Sensor Switch HV (7.4v output) JR/JR

  • Model: Powerbox 6320


Since 2003 there has been a name for dual security in minimum space: PowerBox Sensor!
The PowerBox Sensor is probably the best-known product in the PowerBox portfolio. The two voltage regulators allow it to be used for virtually any application where double security is required in conjunction with modern battery technology. The unit's small physical size and low weight make it very simple to install in any small to medium-sized model.
The PowerBox Sensor provides genuine redundancy in the power supply system, and is in no way inferior to its big brothers in terms of security, as it features two integral, completely independent regulatory and switching systems. Other comparable products available commercially boast of duplication, but this always simply refers to the number of batteries connected to the system. Our backer is actually fitted with two micro-controllers, two regulatory circuits, two switch circuits and a dual voltage monitoring circuit.
In order to be able to use modern battery types such as LiPo, the two integral regulators reduce the battery voltage to 7.4 V, which gives a constant voltage to HV servos. Regulating the voltage extends the useful life of the servos, and ensures constant servo torque and transit speed - regardless of the state of charge of the batteries (down to the nominal battery voltage)
Two tri-colour LEDs indicate the state of charge of the batteries in four stages. The backer also includes a minimum voltage memory which stores the lowest voltage value which occurs during a flight, enabling the pilot to monitor his batteries more accurately. After the flight the minimum value can be read from the LEDs by pressing buttons I and II.
PowerBox Sensor HV is supplied with an output voltage of 7.4 V for HV systems. On the battery side two JR Uni connectors are placed and Uni plugs fo9r all Rx's on the output side
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