Schubeler DS 51 fan EDF

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Schubeler DS 51 fan

The DS-DIA fan units are a high-end product for efficient electric jet flying. Fans are handmade in Germany by using high-quality composite materials; due to weight and strength reasons no injection-molded parts are used. Each fan has to pass a strict final check. The DS-DIA fans have been optimized to guarantee highest efficiency during horizontal, high-speed flying. Static thrust is also very high to enable powerful take-offs. The special diagonal shape of the hub allows you to run your fan at highest rpm's free from resonance or vibrations.

All ducted fans of the DS Schubeler Ducted Fans series come fully assembled, fine-balanced and quality-checked, you simply have to install your motor and the system is ready to fly. There is a choice of fan and motor options-call for info
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