PB Regulator 5.3v Linear


PB Regulator 5.3v Linear

The voltage regulator is designed to prevent excessive voltages reaching receivers and servos, and is a compact, lightweight device with an excellent performance.

The unit enables the modeller to use modern Lithium-Polymer and LiFe batteries (two-cell 8.4 V packs) in models. It can also be used to limit the excess voltage of a five-cell NC battery.

An IC is used to regulate the voltage to 5.8 Volts using a linear process, maintaining the voltage at the level of a charged four-cell NC battery. This is constantly below the maximum value of 6.0 Volts stated by all radio control system manufacturers. The unvarying voltage provides a substantial increase in the useful life of all components, but especially of servos. Since the regulated voltage is maintained absolutely constant, all servos always operate with equal power and speed - regardless of load.

Any servo feedback currents which may arise are reliably absorbed by an electrolytic capacitor of generous capacity.

Since the voltage regulator is so light (just 12.0 grammes), it can be fitted to any small to medium-sized model aircraft without increasing the airframe weight significantly. This feature also underlines the inherent weight advantage of Lithium-Polymer cells. The regulator has proved particularly effective in small to medium-sized models, helicopters and ignition systems.

The unit is fitted with Uni, JR or Futaba connectors, as fitted to your battery. The connector is polarised: centre positive, both outer pins negative.
Connecting the battery offset to one side will instantly ruin the regulator.
The connecting lead attached to the voltage regulator can be plugged directly into the receiver socket.
If you wish to use a switch in the power supply circuit, we recommend that you fit it between the voltage regulator and the batteries.

Of course, the voltage regulator can also be used to complement other devices. For example, it is feasible to connect it to our switch backer or other non-regulated backer if you wish to use Lithium-Polymer cells. The regulator can supply 3 - 5 Ampere (according to cooling efficiency), and this level of performance makes it suitable for use in models fitted with 6 - 8 standard servos or 5 - 6 digital servos.

Since any voltage regulating device generates waste heat (varying according to current drain), the unit must always be housed in an open position in the model, i.e. not enclosed. The regulator is completely encapsulated using a modern "hot melt" process, with the result that it is totally protected from vibration and damp of all kinds.

We wish you every success with your voltage regulator.

- Weight: 12.0 grammes
- Voltage range: 4.0 - 9.0 Volts
- Regulated voltage: 5.8 Volts
- Performance: regulated 2.0 - 5.0 A according to cooling; peak (brief) 10 A
- Regulator losses: 0.14 Volts One left 10/1/2022
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