JetCat V12 ECU

  • Model: V12 JetCat ECU


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ECU V12.0
Successor model of ECU V10.0

Features / functions of the ECU V10

Powerful 16/32 bit microcontroller of the latest generation, with generously dimensioned program and data memory Integrated failsafe counter with evaluation and display of the number and duration of errors. This can be assessed after landing the quality of the radio link.
Thanks to the integrated flash program memory, software updates can simply be imported from outside via the serial interface.
Programmable failsafe behavior. The Hold and Failsafe times as well as the FailSafe speed can be programmed.
USB / RS232 interface for computer connection (allows complete control of one or more turbines via a computer)
Switchable start mode: propane start or jet start
Turbine control optionally via one or two channels
Direct start and control of the turbine from the GSU, even without the remote control transmitter.
Functions to easily start multiple turbines in parallel on the receiver side (for example, multi-engine models)
Activatable gas release function after successful start of the turbine (there will be no gas on board in flight).
Activatable warning functions via the smoker valve, generates warning signals in case of battery under voltage, empty tank, or FailSafe.
Integrated data logger function. The data of the last 14 minutes of operation (800 data records) are stored with a resolution of one second, and can be read out by means of the PC software. The data remains stored even after power failure. In addition, the last 8 operating seconds before shutting down the turbine are stored with a resolution of 0.2 seconds. This allows for precise fault diagnosis.
Airspeed sensor input for measurement / control / model airspeed limitation.
Intelligent "Run" menu: The displayed information is switched depending on the operating status
Advanced test and diagnostic functions for pump, valves and sensors.
Auto power down function, the ECU switches off automatically after cooling down (RC system can be switched off, ECU remains ON until the cooling process has ended).
Tolerant fault detection of the connected sensors. Thus, in the case of a defective sensor, the turbine is not shut down rigorously, but an emergency mode is activated, which normally enables the safe termination of the flight. After landing, a restart is only possible after troubleshooting.
Additional features ECU V12.0:
Barometric pressure and height sensor

Integrated telemetry converter for:

Graupner HOTT
Futaba S-BUS2
Multiplex MSB
USB interface for:

Online Software Updates
Readout of the integrated data logger
Remote control of the turbine and display of turbine parameters via computer
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