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Jetcat Turbines

JetCat turbine major service takes place in Germany, backed up in the UK by Motors & Rotors who carry out none strip down maintenance. Our JetCat turbines are supplied with pre-assembled filters and a Li-Po ECU pack. The First JetCat turbines were running over 10 years ago, but Markus Zipperer and Horst Lenerz took their time perfecting the electronics and turbine tolerances-This is what makes JetCat special. We have been dealing with the Jetcat factory for more than seven years.

Motors & Rotors prices are realistic and allow us to offer a back up service that frankly all our competitors only dream of. We keep good stocks of turbines and parts, won't charge for things that are not in stock, offer a full receipt and know what we are doing!

Premium Diesel BP Ultimate and Shell V Power semi synthetic Diesel fuel have been cleared to use in JetCat Turbines. As of today (28-1-2014) JetCat decided to approve these fuels for JetCat engines. They said " we made a lot of test and some of our pilots fly about one year without issues, so it is now approved" The best results we made with the ARAL (BP in England) Ultimate Diesel, a little smoke during the start sequence and on shut down, the shell caused the P60 and P20 to be a little up and down on idle speed and propensity to cough, but never stop. The ARAL (BP) Ultimate Fuel works the same as kerosene, only smoke as mentioned before. The 5% Turbine oil is the same as for Kerosene. Kerosene is still recommended, but the warranty isn't affected by using the premium Diesel. The service time maybe reduced and could be more expensive based on the additives Diesel contains due sediment blockage. More information will come with experience.

JetCat P-180NX

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