PBS-TAV Sensor 6626

  • Model: 6626


sensor. TAV stands for True Airspeed Vario, and, as the name implies, the PBS-TAV sensor is able to measure the model's flying speed, altitude and rate of climb. Since the speed and height information are presented with unprecedented precision, the climb rate can be calculated from the data with total energy compensation. This means that the vario only indicates "genuine" thermal activity, and any rise and fall due to control commands is excluded from the calculations.
The PBS-TAV sensor consists of two pressure chambers with O-ring seals, each containing one of the two super-accurate MEMS pressure sensors, operating independently of each other. The case consists of two robust machined aluminium parts with steel hose nipples.
The Total Energy Compensation feature includes a factor which allows the compensation to be fine-tuned from the transmitter. Once the factor has been determined in test-flights, the value can be programmed permanently in the sensor.
The Pitot tube included in the set is of very compact design, and can be installed in the fuselage or wing either permanently, or - using the optional Pitot slide - in a retractable form.
The sensor can be connected to various telemetry systems; the system is automatically detected, making the PBS-TAV Plug'n'Play.
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