Powerbox Core iSAT Gyro

  • Model: 3610


Product description

The iGyro SAT has been developed specifically to complement the new range of PowerBox PBR receivers by providing the modeller with a very simple means of adding an iGyro function to any PowerBox PBR receiver - Plug ‘n´Play. The iGyro SAT works as a sensor module, passing the data to the receiver via the FastTrack bus, which has been specially developed for the purpose.
When switched on, the receiver automatically detects a connected iGyro SAT, and responds by making all the set-up functions available at the CORE transmitter. The module is so small that it can be installed anywhere in the model; the connecting lead can be extended to any length if necessary.

Extremely accurate triple-axis MEMS sensor
Special regulatory algorithm designed for fixed-wing model aircraft
Outputs the new FastTrack serial bus
Plug and play with all PowerBox receivers
Installed orientation can be selected
16-bit processor for fast, high-resolution signal processing
Robust aluminium case (Silver/Titanium)
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