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Hysol 9462 50ml cartridge

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Hysol 9462 50ml cartridge

Hysol 9462 is a thixotropic, slow cure, aerospace grade, 2-part epoxy system. It is the strongest and best gripping adhesive we have found.

Hysol 9462 is thixotropic - that means that it stays where you put it. It won't run down and puddle at the bottom of your fuselage. Hysol 9462 is white - a great color for glue. You can see how much you have applied and it will cover easily with paint. Hysol 9462 can be sanded, although you would rarely get it on an outside surface. What Hysol 9462 won't do easily is chip off. If you've been a bit messy with it, wipe the excess off before it cures.
Model: 9462

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