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U.P. 2 Retract and Door Control Valve

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Product Description:

U.P. 2 Retract and Door Control Valve ( For P51 Mustang Type)

Doors shut gear up and down.

This valve features automatic door control and exhaust only speed control, not only for the struts but also for the opening and closing of the doors. This valve does NOT require a special servo, any standard servo can be used. This is because the automatic sequencing is built into the valve.


- Single speed control for leg 3 -10 seconds recommended
- Dual speed control for doors 0.5 - 3 seconds recommended
- Single air inlet 30 - 200 pounds
- Four outlets for legs
- Four outlets for door cylinders
- Standard servo actuation 0.3 inches travel. Slow servo not required
- Size 1.94 x 1.18 x .62 inches
- Weight 2.3 oz.

Sequence of operation:

Strut in the up position: Strut in the down position:
Down selected: Up selected:
Servo moves spool Servo moves spool
Door opens Door opens
Retract lowers Leg raises
Leg locked down leg locked up
Door closes Door Closes

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