K&S Silky Wind ARTF Vintage Model


K&S Silky Wind ARTF Vintage Model

&S high quality designed and build airplane from Japan. Stability is very good and, moreover, speed's is very fast! It has about the same flight performance as an glow engine airplane. The wonderful design is harmonizing newness and oldness delicately. Flight time is about 15-20 minutes (Thunder power LiPo battery 11.1V-2100mAh). The body is made from FRP, also it already painted. The main wings and the tail are constructed in the balsa rib, stuck the film and were completed.(ARF) Apparently, although it seems to be for experts, since it is easy to control, he can be enjoyed enough also at a middle class. Color variations are a white and red.

- Wing width:1000mm
- Full length:800mm
- Wings area :16.5dm2
- Weight:550-650g

- Each linkage part
- Spats
- Tire - Velcro tape
- Original sticker

- Motor:400 class
- Speed controller:10-40A (Please choose with a motor and a propeller.)
- Servo: 9g (2-3 pieces)
- Battery:
NiCd:8.4V 8.4V 500-600mAh / 9.6V-600mAh
NiMH:9.6V 8.4-9.6V - 400-600mAh
LiPo:7.4V-1320 - 11.1V-2100mAh
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