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Castle Creations Pheonix ICE HV 120 Amp BL ESC

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Castle Creations Pheonix ICE HV 120 Amp Esc

Welcome to the next generation of high voltage brushless speed controls from Castle Creations. We invented this class, Castle Phoenix HV series are the gold standard. Now we're raising the bar.

Phoenix Ice HV controllers offer incredible reliability and flexibility for your high powered applications. Now available in 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, and 160 Lite amp configurations.

* Ready to fly out of the bag, but users can tap into serious computing capabilities by connecting them to Castle Link software using a Castle Link or upcoming Field Link programming card.
* Comprehensive heli feature set, including direct entry governor mode, autorotation with bailout, and soft start capabilities to protect your gearing (see the screenshot on the right for more details).
* Opto isolated throttle cable helps reduce radio interference
* Full data logging capabilities. Measure amp draw, controller temperature, motor rpms, battery voltage and ripple and more. Take the mystery out of electric flight!

We now offer the Quick Connect for more convenient data log downloading and adjusting controller settings. The quick connect is a special harness that allows you to keep the speed controller plugged into the receiver when connecting to the Castle Link. It has an extra 12" servo lead that can be placed wherever it is convenient to plug in the link, while your speed controller stays connected to the receiver. No more digging into your setup to get to the receiver just to pull off your data or change settings!


Surge current:120Amps
Supporting motor types:2 poles to 10+poles in/outrunner brushless
Max Supporting input voltage:50V(12s Li-Po/36 cells Nicad/NiMH)
Weight:170g(With wires)

NOTE: Does not include BEC. User needs to provide the power for receiver and servo.

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