Digi-Power Lipo Receiver Pack 2200mAh battery

  • Model: 2200 Rx


2200mah 2s Lipo battery

Digi-Power chemistry was exclusively developed together with top Chinese battery manufacturer Fullymax to Overlanders demanding power and performance levels. We are proud to take the Digi-Power range to a whole new level. New generation Digi-Power chemistry gives awesome RX power delivery, cycle life, and super 2C charge rate.

Super low weight only 114gm

Awesome 18A RX discharge rate

Massive capacity to weight ratio 2200 mAh

Built to Overlanders high specification, featuring

Silicone battey wires

Goldplated pins

Digi-Power Lipo Receiver Pack 2200mAh battery Dimensions (mm) 102 x 33 x 16 We cannot ship batteries. Callers only
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